Battlefield 4 Second Assault Operation Firestorm

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    Battlefield 4 Operation Firestorm is a multiplayer map that’s a remake of the BF3 map of the same name. Just like the BF3 version, Operation Firestorm in Battlefield 4 is a large open map with plenty of vehicles. It was one of the most popular maps in BF3, and that’s why it’s part of the BF3 Second Assault expansion pack. The BF4 remake includes improved visuals and the new Levolution feature, among other things.

    Battlefield 4 Operation Firestorm layout
    Operation Firestorm features a desert location and is set around an oil refinery with pipelines running through most of the map and control points.

    Operation Firestorm vehicles
    Battlefield 4 Operation Firestorm is a vehicle-heavy map, with several tanks, jets, and helicopters at each team’s disposal.

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